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CX4-120 4.29版本的系统,如何对系统做Recovery



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Re: CX4-120 4.29版本的系统,如何对系统做Recovery

是打算将这台CX4恢复至出厂设定吗?可以参考emc69551 "How can I re-initialize a CX4, CX3, or CX series array and restore its image to a 'factory fresh' state?"。


  1. If the array is running Release 11 or greater and has the Utility Partition installed,  you may boot to the Utility Partition and put the Utility Partition into engineering mode (CX password is  "wombat." The AX password is SHIP_it and then "wombat" to get extended menu.)  
  2. In the engineering mode menu, select "Invalidate Data Directory."  
    WARNING! This will destroy data on the array!!!       
  3. Install the desired destination image (called a "recovery image") to the SP's.  
    Note:  An image MUST be installed to the SP prior to rebooting it in the next step.  (You may at this time choose to push down a more recent code image to your SP, if that is your ultimate goal.)
  4. Finally, you must reboot the array.

Invalidate Data Directory操作会删除存储中全部信息,建议在EMC认证的工程师的指导下完成。