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DELL EMC will be officially requested. Please answer fast.

DELL EMC will be officially requested. Please answer fast.

Latitude 3570 user. I purchased a laptop. I added a graphics card to my Latitude 3570 laptop and bought it for a high price for my editing work.

However, during use, I received A / S due to frequent hardware failure. Due to A / S, almost all parts in the notebook have been replaced and serviced.


<A / S history was as follows. >

1. Keyboard 3 times

(Primary) Specific key is not pressed

(Secondary) Keyboard Keyboard Specific Key Pressing

(Third) Craig phenomenon

2. Cooler pen error: irregular noise

3. Main board 3 times

(Primary) Power source abnormality

(2nd) LCD side abnormality

(3rd) LCD side abnormality and dispatch defect

4. HDD 1 time: Windows installation error

5. One LCD: Computer works but no screen

6. One LCD connection cable: Computer works but no screen

7. Lower Case Crack: Case Wrap around RGB cable due to frequent A / S


If the engineer comes to fix it while receiving the A / S and can not fix it at once,

There were many. Because it is not processed at once, I have had many damages that I could not work for several days. I think there is a problem with the product that there are so many abnormalities, not due to laptop damage. In less than a year, almost all of the parts received A / S under the stress was too much. I understand that it is an old computer, but it is difficult to understand even if it is not understood by the maker (DELL) that a new product receives 10 ASs, but it is hard to understand even from a consumer standpoint. Today, we visited AS, but we did not get the solution. I also have to wait a few days while the screen is blank. You will know the service history.

We request exchange and refund for this product. If you exchange with the same product, I do not want to use the same terrible product again, so I ask for a refund. The first thing I can think of is posting on the forum. Thank you for your prompt reply and action. If we do not follow up, we will post to Social and Consumer Protection.

There is no procedure at all for giving me an answer right now. Too much for the consumer. If you think about it, how does the product have such error and the action is lukewarm / Is there a problem with the status of the part about the global product? It seems that it has been over a month since I could not work. Thank you. Thank you for your prompt processing.

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