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10/03/2017 03:20:49PM Session Started with Agent (Nithin_R)
10/03/2017 03:20:49PM Jong Chan Lee: "Ownership Transfer"
10/03/2017 03:20:58PM Agent (Nithin_R): "Welcome to Dell Customer Care Chat! My name is Nithin."
10/03/2017 03:21:06PM Agent (Nithin_R): "Hello Jong. How are you doing today?"
10/03/2017 03:21:14PM Jong Chan Lee: "not bad"
10/03/2017 03:21:28PM Agent (Nithin_R): "How may I assist you today?"
10/03/2017 03:21:41PM Jong Chan Lee: "i will use google translation so"
10/03/2017 03:21:51PM Jong Chan Lee: "It can be a little late."
10/03/2017 03:22:07PM Agent (Nithin_R): "Sure, how may I assist you today?"
10/03/2017 03:22:56PM Jong Chan Lee: "I have a question about ownership transfer issue on my laptop."
10/03/2017 03:23:09PM Agent (Nithin_R): "I will help you with it."
10/03/2017 03:23:11PM Agent (Nithin_R): "May I have your dell order number or any dell identification number please?"
10/03/2017 03:23:13PM Jong Chan Lee: "I had purchased it on 2016 by purchasing agency. I did not know that I had to transfer ownership to repair my laptop. But a few months ago I realized that it was essential to get repairs after the swelling of my laptop's battery. However, transfer of owne"
&nbsp rship was rejected because the information was not right, and I found out that my account was locked as a result of my investigation into the Korean branch. The Korean branch told me that it would only be possible to repair the account if it had to be res
10/03/2017 03:23:35PM Jong Chan Lee: "my dell Service Tag: 55Z4P72 Express Service Code: 11245248398"
10/03/2017 03:23:56PM Agent (Nithin_R): "Thank you."
10/03/2017 03:24:18PM Agent (Nithin_R): "For verification purpose, may I please know the complete name as it appears on the account please?"
10/03/2017 03:26:00PM Jong Chan Lee: "wait sec"
10/03/2017 03:26:14PM Agent (Nithin_R): "Sure, Jong."
10/03/2017 03:27:43PM Jong Chan Lee: "What does ACCOUNT mean? Are you referring to the ID that is now joined to Dell or the customer number of your former owner?"
10/03/2017 03:28:03PM Agent (Nithin_R): "The former owner for the machine."
10/03/2017 03:28:24PM Jong Chan Lee: "IHA HORN KIM"
10/03/2017 03:28:32PM Agent (Nithin_R): "Thank you."
10/03/2017 03:28:39PM Jong Chan Lee: "i have packing slip"
10/03/2017 03:29:49PM Agent (Nithin_R): "Please contact the verification department at 1-866-383-4713. Their working hours are 8 AM to 8 PM CST, Mon to Fri and 8 AM to 5 PM CST, Sat and Sun."
10/03/2017 03:29:55PM Agent (Nithin_R): "They will be able to fix it."
10/03/2017 03:30:12PM Jong Chan Lee: "only can call? i want email"
10/03/2017 03:30:34PM Agent (Nithin_R): "We don't have other option. They're only available on call."
10/03/2017 03:31:13PM Agent (Nithin_R): "Is there anything else apart from this I may help you with?"
10/03/2017 03:31:36PM Jong Chan Lee: "Can I unlock my account when I contact the department?"
10/03/2017 03:32:05PM Agent (Nithin_R): "They will be able to assist you with it."
10/03/2017 03:32:14PM Agent (Nithin_R): "We cannot able give you the information on it."
10/03/2017 03:32:57PM Jong Chan Lee: "Maybe it's hard on the phone. I guess I'll have to find another way."
10/03/2017 03:33:30PM Jong Chan Lee: "Goodbye. Have a good day."
10/03/2017 03:33:36PM Agent (Nithin_R): "Thank you."
10/03/2017 03:33:42PM Agent (Nithin_R): "Thank you for choosing Dell. It was a pleasure assisting you. Have a great day! Bye!"
10/03/2017 03:34:47PM Agent (Nithin_R): "You may end the chat session in case you do not have any other query. Thank you for choosing Dell. Have a great Day."
10/03/2017 03:35:57PM Agent (Nithin_R): "You've indicated that there are no other issues you need my assistance with. With that in mind, I am disconnecting this session Thank you for choosing Dell. Have a great Day."
10/03/2017 03:35:59PM Session Ended
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