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Alpha R2, AGA, not working with black screen

Hi all,

My Alpha R2 got serious issues with the AGA (Alienware Graphics Amplifier) + GTX 1060. Once they were connected and reboot, it only display as black screen. I did all updates command center 4.6, Amp driver 2.7.7, Nvidia Driver (up to date), Windows 10 (update to day) and R2 Bios 1.0.11 for Nvidia. The AMP itself worked perfectly fine on other Alienware notebook without any issues. Alpha R2 could show something by luck, but it works for 5 mins, then it went to blue screen of the death on Window 10, please help me out with it because i do like the form factor of Alpha, and the idea of the amp, but nothing seems working 😞

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Re: Alienware Alpha R2 + Amp Not Working with black screen

Little to no real information.

Windows 10 which version?

Which Version NVIDIA Driver?

Did you install Directx June 2010 again?


This is not cookie cutter.  You have to download the file and EXTRACT TO A FOLDER, then run DXsetup.exe as administrator.

Then there's the latest NVIDIA driver from a few days ago.


Version:     397.31  WHQL
Release Date:     2018.4.25

There are update after update after update of feature update self destruct versions.

Most common fix for all of these things is to make sure you are Up to 1709  16299.402  akaUpdate KB4093105

I highly recommend MANUAL Download,  Clean install Starting with 1709 as the base. Download the Entire 760 meg junk and go OFFLINE and install.  I actually grew tired of downloading 1709 so I purchased a System builder DVD and an External powered DVD drive for reinstalls so that I start with 1709 and don't have a 28 gig winsxs file in windows.old to delete.




Then reinstall all your DELL OEM drivers EXCEPT THE VIDEO after REBOOTING 3 times Minimum.



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