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AHCI or Raid On

I recently purchased an Arorora R7 and my first priority was to upgrade the size of the solid state M.2 drive. I replaced it with an Evo 970 1TB Samsung. A friend of mine says to switch the bios to AHCI and use the Samsung controller. However, Dell support said to use Raid On as somehow it makes both drives faster using Intel Rapid Storage Technology. I am only concerned about the M.2 being extremely fast. Can anybody tell me the best way to set the SATA setting? Either AHCI or Raid On?

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Re: AHCI or Raid On

It depends on whether you want to use Samsung's Magician software. With Rapid mode on you have to set the system to AHCI. I would stay with AHCI and the following article has some help with that.


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Re: AHCI or Raid On

The Samsung 970 EVO will work in either AHCI or RAID mode.  Performance differences today are minor.

However, if you do want to use Samsung's NVMe driver or software you'll need to be in AHCI mode.

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