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AW2518HF, 240Hz, stutters

I have an Alienware AW2518HF purchased through Amazon. While playing CS:GO, the game was super choppy when turning. When using the WASD keys it looks all nice and smooth but when I use the mouse to move my character it looks really laggy and doesn't look near 240Hz. This was weird because the night after I updated my Razer Death Adder Elite mouse drivers through Driver Booster 7 it was really noticeable. Though, I tried it out on a different cheap and plastic HP mouse and saw the same exact issue. Everything sort of looks fuzzy in a way. I'm able to maintain 240+ FPS (frames per second) so I thought this was weird. I tried it out on other first person games like Minecraft and Overwatch and noticed the same thing. I even recorded the game play and when I watched the recording it looked a lot smoother than when I was actually playing it. I tried resetting my monitor's settings too just to find nothing. If there's anyone who can assist me it would be a HUGE help because it hard not to notice it now.

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