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AW3418DW, Dell Russia inadequate support

Hey, Dell. A white bright pixel defect pixel has appeared on my AW3418DW. I sent photos and documents to the support team. But they refuse to send a replacement which goes against your policy =

Dell Display Pixel Guidelines

Bright pixel defect: A subpixel remains permanently lit resulting in a white, or colored dot on a black background. Bright pixels can be white, red, blue, or green and can be identified on a black background.

Let me add a few details. The display in question is Dell Alienware 34 Monitor AW3418DW which has to be covered by the Premium Panel Guarantee. The problem is that the display has a very annoying bright/hot pixel. It distracts me from my work. I want a replacement. The display was purchased in March 2020. I contacted the support for help in April 2020. Your support team tells me that this defect is not a problem at all and that it is not covered the product's warranty. Dell's support response contradicts your warranty statement regarding Alienware displays. It appears that Dell customer support team is unaware that this guarantee ensures zero "bright pixel" defects on this display:

Dell offers a Premium Panel Guarantee that ensures zero "bright pixel" defects on Dell UltraSharp, Professional, and Alienware monitors.

and Dell support team is unaware that unyielding commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has driven Dell to offer a Premium Panel Guarantee as part of the standard limited hardware warranty. Even if one bright pixel is found, a free USED monitor exchange is guaranteed during the limited hardware warranty period.


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Re: AW3418DW, Dell Russia inadequate support

You absolutely should be getting a replacement IMO

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Re: AW3418DW, Dell Russia inadequate support

Try posting this somewhere, where your comments get better public exposure.  Like their Twitter.  Especially if you have a good following. 

This is a community website for users to share ideas, solutions, etc.  Dell may or may not notice and/or respond to your comments posted here. 

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Re: AW3418DW, Dell Russia inadequate support

You could try running this several times to see if it un sticks.

Seizure WARNING do not watch if you have epilepsy.

For people with epilepsy a flashing screen can be more than a passing annoyance Flickering images can induce seizures in people with epilepsy




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