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AW3418DW, color issue

So I bought this amazing, amazing AW3418DW that I love to death. Being a professional artist, I noticed right away that the color was off. It took some times but I corrected it, and then corrected it again, and then corrected it again. No matter what I do, it seems to just shift. Now that i have my old Dell IPS monitor next to it, which I have never touched the color settings on, it's very clear that either this AW3418DW is causing my eyes to see illusions, or the color is shifting. What is happening is I am seeing yellow tints in the white areas, almost like that night time mode is on where it takes out blue light on screens to help you sleep. I forced it off in Windows but it feels like the monitor has its own version that I cant seem to find.  Anybody know anything about this?

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Re: AW3418DW, color issue

* For my Dell notes, click my name and private message me the AW3418DW service tag number and 20 digit alphanumeric serial number


* What specific old Dell IPS monitor are you comparing?
* What PC model?
* What operating system?
* What video card model?
* List all of the video card out ports
* How is the AW3418DW connected to the video card using which cable and ports on both?


* Open the AW3418DW Menu- Others
* Choose Factory Reset- Reset all settings to the factory preset values. See page 48
* What AW3418DW Menu- Game Preset Modes have you tested? See page 36
* AW3418DW Menu- Game- Game Enhance Mode should be set to Off
* AW3418DW Menu- Game- Response Time should be set to Normal
* Have you tested with Overclock On and Off?


* Being a professional artist, you should consider monitor calibration hardware (colorimeter) and software


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