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AW3423DW, Pixel Auto Warning Message missing, #2

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I got an AW3423DW and can’t disable the auto warning pop up about pixel refresh, it’s disruptive to workflow and video games. The manual says there’s an option to disable it, but on my settings menu it is absent. Here’s what mine looks like with the missing option. 


The manual shows this SHOULD be there with this photo below


  •  firmware M0B101 is on my monitor.
  • manufactured in Jan 2022 according to looking up the serial #.
  • Drivers are up to date according to the support page.
  • there is no firmware update on the website.
  • Dell display manager does not support this monitor.
  • connecting the USB to the monitor and opening Alienware command center doesn’t fetch an update either (the software doesn’t work with this monitor 90% of the time though).

any recommendations?

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That has no solution and is in the desktop section, seeing if anyone in the monitor arena has some clues.

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There is currently no solution available for this issue.

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The current online AW3423DW User's Guide (revision A01, April 2022) shows the Menu options for AW3423DW firmware versions NEWER than M0B101.

M0B101 never had that "Pixel Auto Warning Message" option.

The Displays Team stated that the AW3423DW firmware cannot be upgraded by customers. This is why you do not see any firmware updates or a firmware update guide on the AW3423DW platform page.

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So is there anything I can do to mitigate this? The pop up is very disruptive, and even the physical manual that shipped with the monitor is the newer one that has the disable option. Seems ridiculous that there is a Dell Display Manager utility and it doesn’t support this flagship monitor to update firmware.


I would say there is nothing you can do as far as disabling the pop-up.



That’s some rotten engineering work to not allow the user to update firmware. That is a basic function in current day electronics.


I am not disagreeing with that. Even my $399 home theater amplifier receives firmware updates.

I don't understand it either why such a high cost electronic component has no ability to upgrade the firmware.

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I found 2 manuals (2022) for this monitor. The first one in February and the other in April.

The one in February (version A00) does not show the auto warning option. it's the version A01

that does. You have the early version monitor.

The other ,Dell web site ,documents are dated Feb. 17th but they crushed the early Feb. feb_2022_ A00.jpgfeb_version.jpgmanual.



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