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AW3423DW, packaging causing permanent damage to screen

My AW3423DW was packaged in a way that leaves permanent on the screens coating. Mine was shipped without a protective peel off film on the screen. Instead, bubble wrap is taped to the screen. During transit, the direct contact with the screen leave scuffs and smudges on the screen.

A quick search for AW3423DW screen marks will lead you to several examples of this. A small number of customers appear to have been shipped replacements and many of those also have marks, due to the packaging still lacking a protective film.

There also seems to be no practical way to review my product and try to make more would be consumers aware of this issue. A review cannot be left from the website user portal from the "my products" lift and the Dell "Alienware connect" app in the Microsoft store cannot be downloaded.

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My AW3423DW pictures

Re: You’ve received a private message from Dell Community Forum
I am so sorry the screen looks normal in the images. Could you wipe the screen with a clean cloth and run a self test on the monitor and check if there are any issues with the display? 


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If you have recently purchased a aw3423dw, ensure you check for these marks immediately. Currently Dell does not consider this a "known issue" and does not cover it under warranty. Your only opportunity for an exchange will be during the initial 30 day return window. These marks may go unnoticed initially and may not be immediately obvious without direct lighting. I'd recommend using a flashlight and scanning over the screen to see if the marks are visible. I'd also be curious to hear if the cause of this issue ever gets rectified and a protective film is placed on the screen prior to boxing.

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Apparently the AW3423DWF has the same issue.

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My DWF should be delivered soon. I will let you know how the packaging is.

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No packaging issues with my DWF. Monitor is amazing, beats my LG OLED TV. 

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I'm curious. Is your AW3423DWF free of marks because the packaging is now up to standards for what you'd expect when purchasing what is priced as a high end monitor? Or did you just win the lottery? Was there a protective peel off film on the screen or was it still bubble wrapped just tapped to the screen?


I checked with a flashlight and under various angles. There's not a mark on the glass anywhere.

There was no protective film, but they did have 3 layers of protection for the monitor.


The bubble wrap is present, but the inside of it has a smooth protective layer attached to it and is smooth and soft. It was also taped very well in place.


I am thinking the marks could come from Samsung, who manufactures the panels. Maybe their shipping has caused it. Could also be the packaging, and maybe they improved upon it.


Whatever the cause, mine is not affected by it. And I checked it very thoroughly after seeing those pictures.

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Thanks for sharing, I'm glad your doesn't have these blemishes. Your packaging does sound like it is slightly different.  Hopefully that helps, shouldn't be playing a lottery when purchasing a monitor like this. I think we would need to see a production video, like the "How it's made" show to know exactly how these marks are formed. However they have the exact same pattern as the bubble wrap. So I believe Dell is applying a "anti-glare" coating to the screen and then the monitor is packaged before the coating has fully cured. That'd be my best guess.


I was looking very closely at the glass, and to me it seems to be identical to the glass used on my LG OLED TV. That includes the black border of the screen itself.

The other thing I noticed is that it has a very thin bezel, and the screen itself is slightly recessed in the frame. Maybe that small recession helps also?

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