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Alienware Aurora R11 order issue / shortage

Hello, i am trying to order the New Alienware Aurora R11 for a few days without any luck.

I had placed on 19 January 2021 for an Alienware Aurora from Dell United-K|ngdom. I had choosed the most advanced version with i9 and RTX 3090, i know it takes up to 44 business days to be delivered , but my order was just cancelled without even notifying me. I had called Dell customer service after few days i saw i had not received an order number and they told me that THERE IS A SHORTAGE OF 1000w power-supply for the chasis world-wide. I know the graphics cards are not easy to find but now Dell has shortage of power supplies too ? 

Since then spoke with several customer advisers over the phone with all of them giving me different answers. First one told me there is shortage and i can't place an order. After i had received an e-mail letting me know that order was cancelled and to try to order again on the website or call the customer team. I called again to place order again, and they transffered me to same person that i spoke first time that told me there is world wide shortage of 1000w power supply.

Even the order was cancelled i still haven't received the refund and i was told that the bank will process the refund in 7 working days , currenlty in pending on my account but can't access the money.

Very frustrating experience i had with Dell now. I had saw a lot of complains on Trust Pilot and veryone there is saying to never order directly from Dell website because of issues like this. 

Is there anyone working for Dell on this group and can clarify why on the website it's not saying that the R11 are out of stock and if you order , your order gets cancelled and your money are kept for 9 days stucked ? I think over £3000 that i paid is not an ammount that anyone can afford to be blocked like this.

Also i was thinking maybe it's just me who had this issue because i had ordered when it was on deal with a 15% discount and because of that they don't want to sell it to me and told me to order again when there is no discount anymore to pay full price.

So upset about this .... shortage of 1000w power supply... really ?

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Re: Alienware Aurora R11 order issue / shortage

Could be shortage of 1000w PS, but my guess would be Nvidia RTX-3090

Very new, cutting-edge, and limited supply. Looks like lots of extra money for just a little extra performance, if you ask me.

Never had a problem ordering Dells and Alienwares from (either Consumer or Business desktops, screens, or laptops). Problems might be isolated to your country (I'm in Texas, USA).

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Re: Alienware Aurora R11 order issue / shortage

UK is suffering from covid shortages and is being punished for BREXIT.

no vendor has control over those things.

Brexit: Status and Outlook The (UK) formally withdrew from membership in the European Union (EU) on January 31, 2020.






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