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Area 51 R2 CPU cooler/radiator upgrade

So does anybody know if the Corsair hydro series H80i V2 will fit in the Area 51 R2? I know that the thickness of the Corsair won't be a problem and pretty sure height wise it wouldn't be either, other than possibly having to move my GPU down to the middle slot. But, width wise it doesn't look like there is any headroom at all. Does anybody know the dimensions of the stock radiator for the Area 51 r2? Or, I found this, ARCTIC COOLING Liquid Freezer 120 ACFRE00016A 120mm Liquid CPU Cooler, which is probably better and maybe it would work? Also, as for the mounting plate for the CPU cooler, does it need to be changed with the one that comes with the kit for either of course Intel or AMD? Or can you reuse the one that the stock Alienware pump was connected to?

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If it were my situation, I have adapters here to test coolers by placing constant 12volts / ground to one. Another type of adapter is this, simple molex/fan:

If I needed to test a cooler without an adapter, I believe I'd install the original cooler back on, power up, launch CmndCntr, set the lower front fan to a manual fixed speed of 100% > open side panel / unplug it > now plug in cooler to that header, listen or feel if it turns on - it either will or won't - then I'd plug the push fan in, see if it comes on

If both work (CmndCntr Thermals page still displayed) with PC still running I'd quickly disconnect the original cooler from its header (cpu pump now failed?) / plug in Arctic cooler / does it now come on (cpu pump running? failed? still failed?); next, disconnect original rad-fan / plug in new fan / does it work off that header? (An alternative would be to install new fan with original cooler, test the pair together), did the RPM go to zero in thermals widget?

otherwise, 4pin pwm fan is lower left header / 3-wire cooler is upper right as above, such a setup is almost universal, both simply run off fan headers, be they 3pin or 4pin


Thanks again for the response, the directions say about daisy chaining all 3 wires together  including the CPU pump. So, I don't know if I should do that  but I only have the pull fan installed as of right now, which it seemed to be working ok, since it picked up rpms as the CPU got hotter since the pump does not seem to be working. I don't have much experience just so you know when doing upgrades to the PC hardware, I'm in the learning stage lol


The best I can say is that I offered a way to test the pump motor coming on, by holding the pump head in your hand after having plugged it into a working chassis fan header

For that matter, on a cool PC that's been sitting, you could plug it into the pump header (same place as original plugs in at), power up, you have a minute or less before CPU overheats but that is plenty of time to check if the pump turns on while you're holding the pump head in your hand (yes or no, works or doesn't, shut down PC after 15 seconds), if it wants to come on it will make an air bubbly sound or you'll feel a hum when u hold it and / or both

A pump that is bad or has no power, PC / CPU will quickly overheat in a minute or 2 or 3, while a pump motor that works (has power and turns on) but isn't fully seated (not installed correctly) the CPU will gradually overheat

You can daisy chain them as they instructed (I read the HARDOCP review) at least to test with, then go from there. I believe I'd order that molex-to-fan adapter in case u ever need to test pump motor operation using constant 12v on a PSU molex 4pin cable

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