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Area-51 R2, GPU screws

I’m upgrading my old GTX 970 to a 2070. To take the old card out, I need to unscrew 2 two screws holding it in. But, the way the case is built, you can’t get a good angle on the screws and you can’t catch a thread. The manual does not mention any specific, good way to remove the screws, and the support video on YouTube entirely skips the step. Is there some easy way to remove these, or am I just going to have to head on down to the hardware store and buy a mini rtchet (a is censored) or something? Thanks

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Re: Area-51 R2, GPU screws

There is JIS, Frearson and Phillips (and they all look similar). On some of those, the screw-driver is "less sharp" and works on metric and Japanese screws.

If none of those work, you use what they call a nut-driver .


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