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Area-51 R2, motherboard swap, AWCC issue

Clean Win 10 64 bit install. able to install AWCC 4.8.25 on nonAW motherboard in A51 R2 empty case.  But when running AlienFx controller, getting error: "the device you have selected is included in the current theme But AlienFx cannot detect this device on your system"

Was able to change multiple zones of color on Monitor screen only, and apply.  No actual color change of LED on front.  No side LED turned on.

In device manager no error. Under Human Interaction Device two USB 2.0 devices listed with driver automatically installed by Win 10. no error there.

During AWCC install initially, front LED color was changed from Blue to Green automatically (original color was blue when powered on).  Now stuck in green.

Is there a way to fix the AWCC plug in AlienFx (that is the only app needed in CC)?  Or is there a way to reset Front LED color to blue which is preferred over green.


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