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Area-51 R4, How to remove PCI bracket?

I need assistance on removing the PCI bracket from the Alienware Area 51 to install a 4k Elgato CalturC card (it's the big triangle like case r4). I called Dell and they send a video on the wrong case which isn't helpful. Not sure what screwdriver or method is necessary to get the PCI bracket off. The screw is tight and makes any screwdriver go at an angle. Anyone have any resources or can help please?

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Re: How To Remove PCI Bracket on Alienware Area 51 R4 To Ins

I suggest you use not only the proper type, but also the proper SIZE screw driver. Don't strip it.


However, I don't see any mention of a screw. Looks like the PCIe card hold-down bar is screw-less.

Elgato hardware is generally pretty nice.

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