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Area-51 R5, System BIOS, 2 choices in SupportAssist?

Hello I have an Alienware Area 51 R5.

Support Assist is saying I have two Urgent available updates for System BIOS.  Please see the screenshot below.


Should I just run both as it says?  I'm thinking that maybe I should ignore the R4 update, since my system is labelled R5.

Please advise.  Thanks.


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Re: Area 51 R5 System BIOS - I have 2 choices for some reaso

Your pic will likely be moderated (and then viewable) around Monday. Words are good. 

Uninstall Support-ASSist and be happy.

According to this, the Area51-R4 and R5 share the same motherboard and therefore ... BIOS upgrades.

Your files are here:

You can update BIOS from inside UEFI-Environment (outside of Windows ... near the BIOS setup). I think it is safer that way (less bricking risk).

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Re: Area-51 R5, System BIOS, 2 choices in SupportAssist?

Just an update in case this helps anyone else: I unchecked all boxes except the one for "Alienware Area-51 R5 System BIOS". It installed fine. Then I tried the "Intel Management Engine Controller Driver" by itself and it threw an error. So I reboot and from the front screen of SupportAssist I hit the "Start Now" to begin scanning again (to see if I need to update anything). This time I have no updates needed.
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