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Aurora R10, randomly shutting down

I am at a lost with what to do in regards to my Aurora R10 shutting down randomly. I purchased it in January 2021 and in November 2021, it just started shutting down on its own and the fan would kick in at the highest speed. The only way to stop this was to hold down the boot up button. I spent countless hours on the phone with Dell support doing trouble shooting. Finally, in January they had me send in the computer to be repaired. They had it for a few weeks without making any repairs until we made multiple calls and they finally said that it would be repaired and returned back soon. When I received the computer back, I noticed that one of the hard drive wasn't showing up. We called back and we found out that the hard drive was in there, but there were broken pins and that's why it wasn't being detected. Even though they knew this, they didn't bother to change out the hard drive before shipping it back to me. The hard drive was replaced and about a week later, the computer started randomly shutting down again. I don't feel the initial issue was ever resolved when I sent in and now I'm unable to use my computer. I know that when I call Dell Support they will just have me on the phone like before running tests that won't fix the issue that has been going on for months. If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it.

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Wow, that is a horrible experience!

It does sound like something is overheating. Have you watched the temperatures of the CPU or GPU? You can get CPUID HWMonitor to monitor temperatures for everything and see if there are any culprits. 

You could check and make sure your RAM is seated properly and run an exhaustive memory check overnight with memtest86. 

Make sure the video and everything is seated and plugged in properly. Look for any wires that are pinched behind the motherboard or anywhere else where they could be intermediately grounding and causing a shutdown. 


I’m not sure if it’s overheating. There’s been times when I turn the computer on in the morning and it shut down within a few minutes.  Plus I did check my temperatures regularly and nothing seemed out of the unordinary.  A while back I did try the memory test, and it shut down at some point so the test couldn’t be completed.  I will open it up again and check for the wires and as far as I know everything looks clean in there.

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I would not be surprised if it turns out to be a failing PSU. I had a similar problem except my R10 would reboot. Then when the PSU gave up the ghost the fans would go full blast when I powered it on. I had it replaced under warranty.

Have you tried the PSU self test? You press the button on the back of the PSU. If the LED turns green it’s good.

You can buy a quality PSU.

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Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with all the constant issues that I have been having with my Aurora R10. I purchased it in January 2021. Started having constant problems in November 2021 when my computer started shutting off randomly. After numerous calls to Dell Support, they finally agreed to have me sent it in for repair. After a lot of stalling from Dell, I finally received my computer back. When my computer arrived back, one of my hard drives was broken during the time that Dell was working on it. They replaced the hard drive and the computer worked with some issues here and there. A couple of days ago, my computer began shutting down again. I called Dell Support yesterday and they did some updates, but this morning my computer shut off again. So when the shut off occurs the monitors are turned off the computer is locked and the fans on the computer kick in at full blast. The only way to turn off the computer at this point is to hold down the power button for a few seconds, or unplug the power source from the back. This occurs at random times and is triggered on its own. Sometimes I’ll be working in Photoshop or other times I will just be on the Internet. It’s even occurred when I had no programs running in the computer was just idling. I emailed Dell and now they are saying that this is not covered under warranty and I’m at a complete lost. Here is a link of a video I made this morning showing what happens.


what components do you have in your Aurora R11 . . . CPU, graphics card, PSU, RAM, etc.

liquid cooled CPU or air dried?

have you checked CPU & GPU temps when shut-down occurs?


First off I made a mistake, I have an R10 not an R11.  

AMD Ryzen (TM) 7 3700xX (8-core,32MB L3 Cache, Max Boost Clock of 4.4ghz)

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

High-Performance CPU Liquid Cooling and 550W Power Supply


I haven't checked the temps when it shuts down as it happens at random times and I probably wouldn't be able to see it  before it shuts down.  However, this has occured a few times when I start my PC first thing in the morning.  If it were a temp issue, I don't see how it could overheat that fast.



Here is the info about the RAM.

Kingston HyperX Fury 64GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM CL16 DIMM Black Single Stick Desktop Memory With Low-Profile Heat Spreader


Not sure if it's related but I noticed the speed is at 2400MHz, when I know I have 3200MHz.  

If there's any other info I can provide, please let me know.  Thanks


The 550 watt PSU should be sufficient for the 65 watt CPU and 175 watt graphics card. There was a time when users were having a problem with that small PSU, but usually with higher wattage components. You can use CPU-Z to check the frequency at which you RAM is actually running. You may need to enable an XMP profile to get your 3200MHz. When your rig is idling pop into AWCC and check the CPU and GPU temps. If you have a bad mount or inadequate thermal paste on your CPU or GPU, they will heat up pretty quickly. That is one reason a computer will shut itself down; to prevent damage. We should eliminate that as a reason for your issues.


I don't like where your R10 is located, the left side vents are air intakes and it kinda looks like if that right monitor runs alittle warm its blowing into the machine through the bottom vent on that Left panel. I don't think it's causing the shutdown issue but I would atleast move the machine away from the monitor so it's not trapped with air flow. 


Also Photoshop is a beast and I would run that program like running a game which is in High Performance Mode and Thermals set to High Performance also. 

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