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Aurora R10, stuttering issue, will Alienware update to AGESA 1207 microcode?

As the owner of an Aurora R10 Ryzen (5900X) system, I'm a little disappointed that Alienware has yet to update to the latest AGESA 1207 microcode update to fix the stuttering issue. It's definitely an issue with certain applications/operations that trigger a hit the fTPM for whatever reason, so bad that I walk across the office to fire up my old Intel 3770K system for some jobs. Is there any word on when we can expect a microcode update?

AMD's Bugfix for Ryzen Stuttering Now Widely Available

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I seriously doubt they will. This is just my opinion by I believe the R10 is a dead product. Alienware is trying to move users to the R14. A lot can be said about both designs but for all the criticisms the R10 received over its lifespan, it looks like the better choice between it and the R14 for several reasons.

That’s why I don’t see Dell making any further improvements to the R10, besides security or stability BIOS improvements but most of the kinks have been worked out at this point.

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The microcode for the "original" R10 (Ryzen 3000 series) was never updated, so I doubt they will upgrade any microcode for it ever.




That's why I am still on BIOS version 1.0.8 on my Version 1 R10.... Stable for the past year and a half (knock on wood) and disabled capsule updates do Windows can't sneak in a BIOS update... If it ain't broke don't break it!

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I pulled the main components from my R10 and used them to put together a new system lest year. I updated to the latest available AGESA version a few days ago. One of the benefits of a retail board over an OEM board...


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Plus let's not forget:

"The issues seem confined to Ryzen 3000 and 5000 series CPUs in 500- and 400-series motherboards (i.e., X570, X470, B550, and B450) and consist of random dropouts for USB-connected devices. The complaints encompass several different types of USB devices, including unresponsive external capture devices, momentary keyboard connection drops, slow mouse responses, issues with VR headsets, external storage devices, and USB-connected CPU coolers." I have had those on my R10.

Bottom line that would all be defects... so, issue the update.



No USB issues on the first version R10 BIOS 1.0.8 Ryzen 3000 series (3800X) CPU.



- Press Win + R and type msconfig. Hit Enter.
- Go to the Services tab. 
- Check the box "Hide all Microsoft services"
- Click on Disable all
- On the list of remaining services, locate those in which you have experienced issues such as Excel and click on their check box.
- Select Apply and restart.


On the reboot you will not be able to use many of your apps, mostly just the ones you had checked before. Test them out this way and let us know if the stutter occurs again.

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