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Aurora R11, to mine?

Does anyone have any experience using their Alienware to mine? 

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Was that the first or second video about it? He did two. 


Hi again @F8Dragon ,

Oh your right! I watched the failed one filmed 2 weeks ago and missed the latest successful one. Thank you for your correction!

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I have been using my Aurora R11 with Nicehash making about 180-200/month. ELectric bill went up about 20.00 a month


Do you have that money in your account in USD, or in mining currency?

To me it's not worth it. Everybody is free to do what they want of course.


I don't know how accurate it is but the calculator on the NiceHash says I could profit about $220 a month after paying the extra $57 I would have on my electric bill. Power isn't cheap in this part of California. 

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