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Aurora R12, 3080, Samsung Odyssey G9, won't post at 240Hz

After spending 2 days testing over and over and reading every single message out there on the interwebs, i'm concluding this as a fact that Dell Alienware R12 with Intel process/Nvidia 3080 video card is not sending signal to the Odyssey monitor during post if the monitor is set at 240Hz. There's nothing wrong with DP1.4 cable that was included and i know that as a fact since another dell monitor is connected through HDMI and neither of them would work if the signal is set at 240Hz. Once i unplug the DP cable from the card, computer boots fine, once it booted, i can connect the cable and monitor will turn on. So nothing is wrong with the monitor, nothing is wrong with the latest nvidia driver, doesn't matter if this is Windows 10 or 11. I tried every single test in the book.

Also, absolutely everything else works once the monitor comes on at 240Hz - 10 bit color, G-Sync enabled, Hrd on or off, so everything works perfectly with the existing signal once it's passed to the monitor...

It's very sad that either this is an issue with BIOS firmware or video card bios, both owned by Dell. Calling tech support is useless, they follow the script. I've been in this business for 30+ years, so i consider myself very technical. However, these monitors with 240Hz are fairly new, so many people are seeing this issue. I would love to get this fixed so i don't have to set my pc to sleep mode. It works then just fine, but if OS updates and i need to reboot, basically i have to set the monitor at 120Hz, reboot and then set it back to 240hz. If i don't do that, it won't post, and i have to unplug DP cable. 

Dell support, I'm all ears with your help here. 

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@OzzyNYC77 @KostasNK Noticed the new VBIOS was posted today. Just installed it and it fixes the issue. Tested 5 reboots at 240Hz @ 5120x1440 on my Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 and it was good to go.

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Happy day indeed. All fixed with update and PC will be finally shut down for the first time :).....

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That's a DSC issue with the latest vBIOS. The only solution I am currently aware of to fix the black screen on boot is to roll the GPU vBIOS back to  But then you lose rebar. 

Also, note that was pulled, if you wanted to go that route you'd have to contact support and verify warranty status to request it, or get it from a third party database (not recommended). 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

A workaround, definitely not ideal, is to put a switch on the 240 monitor and switch the video feed to it off just during boot, and let the hdmi monitor be the only boot monitor. Faster than turning it on and off or changing settings.

I have the same issue with a AW2721D. I can boot with HDMI into bios or windows. With DP i get a motherboard error (d6 and the infamous beep sequence) but it does then boot into Windows … but I can never see bios. I am on a transplant (new motherboard), but Dell RTX 3080 with bios I would happily sacrifice ReBar to roll back, but as mentioned above the prior bios was pulled so I am stuck.

My workaround is to have a HDMI cable handy for when I need bios, and to just accept the longer boot sequence and error codes on DP. At least my motherboard (a Gigabyte z490 Xtreme Waterforce) does bypass the error to boot.


100% a GPU bios issue.

The pulling of BIOS files without warning or reason is rather annoying, I agree.

It's for that reason that I started saving all the various BIOS updaters, in case I need them.


Alas, I did not save the for the RTX 3080. I do have the R10 BIOS files all the way back to 1.0.8.

DP1.4 switch supporting 240hz a whooping $350! So, no thanks

This is a ridiculous marketing stunt to remove the bios so people don't call support with missing rebar option. But how about support fixing this issue and providing a new bios? did anyone actually call support and asked for it to be escalated? How can they sell a "premium" (that makes me laugh, i built PCs when Mike was doing that as well in his garage, am just not as smart i guess) line and not focus on resolving this issue? 

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Spoke with support, they're aware and actually releasing RTX 3080 vbios this month that addresses this issue! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Supposedly RTX 3090 has the vbios already released that addressed this issue.

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DQHD  5120 x 1440 requires DUAL display port cables not ONE. And the USB3 cable is also not optional. This is not a dell support issue.


I also don't think there is bandwidth for 240hz at that resoluton.  Samsung says 4K/120/8/4:2:2

5K @30-120 Hz

So what you are asking for is not supported

Drivers are definitely required






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Please advise where did you find that info? Samsung includes one cable in the box for dp, one HDMI and one usb. Where in the manual does it say you need to purchase another cable? The signal is always sent just from one of the inputs. Also, nowhere does it say you need a USB cable unless you want to use the hub, which I'm not planning on doing by putting additional power strain on the monitor which I'm sure will shorten its life. And Dell support acknowledged it to be a bug. So I really am trying to understand the source of your info. This is my model, not g95, but the latest build g97 ( not neo): LC49G97TSSNXDC. Thank you.

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