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Aurora R12, Corsair RAM upgrade

I have an air cooled R12 i7 10700f and RTX 3080.

I first upgraded the air cooling into a Corsair H60, and things were fine.

Then, I swapped the case fans for a push/pull on the radiator two Artic P12 PWMs, and a Noctua NF-A12X25 on the front fan slot. The computer throws a fan error on each boot, which can be skipped by pressing Esc on startup.

Next, I tried installing Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB in Dual Channel. Now is when things start getting tricky.

For some reason, the system won't show any display. However, if I press F2 at start and enter BIOS, load default BIOS settings, change XMP to XMP 1(XMP 2 goes missing once I change the RAM), and click Save and Exit, the system boots and works well. So clearly the system works well with this particular RAM, but the BIOS doesn't want to let it Run? 

I am using the latest BIOS.

Has anyone faced a similar issue with past Aurora builds? Is this something that Dell would eventually fix with a BIOS update?

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There are currently some issues with the R12 that are being addressed with a bios update.


Pleas see this thread: R12 ram issues. 


It's a pretty long thread, but it has some good information in it.

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XMP wont work with any ole ram, CPU,ETC

Must be Dell validated.

10th Gen R12 shipped with 3200MHz memory.

Mixing vendor, speed, rank, voltage, etc is not supported.

Intel 10th gen Comet Lake-S supports up to DDR4-2933

Up to means it might go this fast not that its guaranteed to run that fast.  DDR4 4266 ram will not force the CPU to run faster its marketing and a waste of money.

10th Gen Intel Core i3/i5 processors, it is limited to 2666MHz.

10th Gen Intel Core i7/i9 processors, it is limited to 2933MHz.

FAQ Aurora R12



Drivers & Downloads (Windows 10/10S 64-bit only)


Service Manual

Setup and Specifications

Motherboard = P0JWX Pegatron 69M10HQ30A01

Validated OEM CPU =

R56MP Intel i9-10900KF, 3.70GHz, 20MB, 125w, 10 core
3PH75 Intel i9-10900K , 3.70GHz, 20MB, 125w, 10 core
48X0T Intel i9-10900F  2.80GHz, 20MB, 65w, 10 core
35G7Y Intel i9-10900 , 2.80GHz, 20MB, 65w, 10 core
NJV41 Intel i7-10700KF , 3.80GHz, 16MB, 125w, 8 core
C2T71 Intel i7-10700K , 3.80GHz, 16MB, 125w, 8 core
JCPGM Intel i7-10700F , 2.90GHz, 16MB, 65w, 8 core
DX5NG Intel i7-10700 , 2.90GHz, 16MB, 65w, 8 core
FGJ4W Intel i5-10600KF , 4.10GHz, 12MB, 125w, 6 core
R1PRN Intel i5-10600K , 4.10GHz, 12MB, 125w, 6 core
2D8P4 Intel i5-10400F , 2.90GHz, 12MB, 65w, 6 core
25PHV Intel i5-10400 , 2.90GHz, 12MB, 65w, 6 core
CT26X Intel i3-10100 , 3.60GHz, 8MB, 65w, 4 core

Validated OEM CPU =

KX53R i9-11900KF, 3.50GHz, 125W, 8C, 16MB
M5WW1 i9-11900K, 3.50GHz, 125W, 8C, 16MB
0RG88 i9-11900F, 2.50GHz, 65W, 8C, 16MB
X6R70 i9-11900, 2.50GHz, 65W, 8C, 16MB
3FCFJ i7-11700KF, 3.60GHz, 125W, 8C, 16MB
267V6 i7-11700K, 3.60GHz, 125W, 8C, 16MB
533FG i7-11700F, 2.50GHz, 65W, 8C, 16MB
4X3CY i7-11700, 2.50GHz, 65W, 8C, 16MB
7DPH1 i5-11600K, 3.90GHz, 125W, 6C, 12MB
7FCVW i5-11600KF, 3.90GHz, 125W, 6C, 12MB
D4X2Y i5-11400F, 2.60GHz, 65W, 6C, 12MB
CXRG1 i5-11400, 2.60GHz, 65W, 6C, 12MB

Validated OEM memory =
Four slots

128GB maximum
6TCK6 32GB HyperX Fury XMP DDR4, 3400MHz, Unbuffered, 288 pin, Dual Rank, 1.25V, Non-ECC, Kingston X6TCK6-MIE, X6TCK6-HYA
VTW4H 32GB HyperX Fury XMP DDR4, 3200MHz, Unbuffered, 288 pin, Dual Rank, 1.25V, Non-ECC, Kingston XVTW4H-MIE
JV223 16GB HyperX Fury XMP DDR4, 3400MHz, Unbuffered, 288 pin, Single Rank, 1.35V, Non-ECC, Kingston XJV223-HYA, XJV223-MIE
K2M26 16GB HyperX Fury XMP DDR4, 3400MHz, Unbuffered, 288 pin, Single Rank, 1.35V, Non-ECC, Kingston XK2M26-MIE

2YH1K 16GB HyperX Fury XMP DDR4, 3200MHz, Unbuffered, 288 pin, Single Rank, 1.25V, Non-ECC, Kingston X2YH1K-HYA, X2YH1K-MIE
W21KG 8GB HyperX Fury XMP DDR4, 3200MHz, Unbuffered, 288 pin, Single Rank, 1.25V, Non-ECC, Kingston XW21KG-HYD2, XW21KG-MIE, XW21KG-MIE2

Validated OEM GPU =
M8HMD Nvidia/MSI GeForce RTX 3090, 24GB
4Y12V Nvidia/MSI GeForce RTX 3080, 10GB
KX61M Nvidia/MSI GeForce RTX 3070, 8GB
86RMK Nvidia/MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, 8GB
84KCH Nvidia/MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super, 8GB
F8PV7 Nvidia/MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
GPCKW Nvidia/MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Super, 8GB
G7CH1 Nvidia/MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Super, 8GB
KPNXF Nvidia/MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 6GB
7MKYT Nvidia/MSI GTX 1660 Super, 6G
4WY5P Nvidia/ECS GTX 1650 Super, 4GB

RWKN3 AMD/MSI RX 6800XT, Navi 21, 16GB
5V7N7 AMD/MSI RX 5300, 3GB0




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I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.

The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating
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Diagnostics & Tools

I have tried to add ram to my R12 with no success.  Bought it with 8GB. Added another 8GB with no problem.  bought another set of 8GB sticks to add to the other 2 slots.  Will not accept, goes into a boot loop.    went into BIOS, and the system changed the ram setting XMP2 to none.  so I changed it back and still in a boot loop.  took the extra 2 out and rotated them through to make sure none of the new modules were all good as long as i only had 2 in the white.  any comments as to why it will not accept more?  thanks



Is the RAM the OEM validated ram purchased from DELL, or aftermarket RAM purchased from somewhere else?


Also, 4 x 8 GB is not a validated configuration for the R12 and therefore not a supported memory configuration.

R12 RAM configurations 

Try taking out cmos and power drain then put the ram in. Make sure it’s in the white slots. I use Corsair ram in my r12, there also won’t be a xmp2 option listed with Corsair but you should have xmp 1.

Do you mind sharing which ram you got to work in your R12?  I have 3200mhz 4(16gb sticks) 64gb total.  I want to upgrade to B die ram.  Basically anything that would be better than what i have.  My system is hurting on fps.  I have the 3090, 11900f, and the ram I mentioned.

XMP doesn't HAVE to be Dell certified, Dell doesn't even have anything to do with XMP. With that though I've found that only 1.2-1.35v kits work stable on the r12 board and 3200-3400, 3600+ kits are hit and miss

Are you able to get the RAM to run in Gear 1 with correct memory controller speed on the Corsair 3200 RAM? I would like to do the same if this solves the gear issues

No it still runs in gear 2, gear is hard locked by the bios. But I do have much lower latency than the stock ram so it is a definite improvement 

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