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Aurora R12, USA to India, can't power up

Hi All,

I purchased Alienware Aurora R12 in USA. I recently moved into India and tried to power up the system. Unfortunately, it's not starting up.


When I press the power button, it stays yellow for couple of sec , then gone.

I can see the green light is on in back.

I can connect keyboard and mouse.

Please help. I tried to connect to support but there is no help. 

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Do you run 240 volts in India?


Yes I am using 240


240 VAC in USA is two phase . . . 240 VAC in India is single phase

I don't know if the PSU can compensate for this difference . . . just tossing possibilities

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USA uses 120 VAC. I am not sure what the voltage ratings of the PSU are.

I am also not sure if they use the same physical plug layout.


Also, where did you purchase the R12 from? Dell directly, reseller, was it a new machine, was it a stripped down machine without a video card?


if I am not mistaken Dell does not make different psu of R12 for different geographic locations in the world.  I would assume the Dell psu is worldwide applicable, otherwise one would have seen Dell psu specify countries and would have trouble recommending Dell psu to users not knowing where they live.

Dell does provide different R12 power cords for different world regions, which have different plugs and can presumably fit different wall outlet types.  the other end of the cord is standard socket connecting to the same type of psu socket.

 for Aurora R12  

AC power cord Power cord, 2 METERS, IRE/UK

Power Cord -UK
Dell 16583
AC power cord Power cord, 125V, 6FT, SPT2, unshielded

Alienware Aurora-R4
AC power cord Power cord, 220V, 1.8M, for Korea, for Asia Pacific region

전원 코드(한국) Power cord (Korea)
Dell H2955
AC power cord Power cord, 250V, 2.44M, for Australia

System Power Cord (ANZ)
Dell 78967

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You should have a label on the bottom (exterior) of your computer case stating electrical specs.

Beware if your using those plug adapters they may not work correctly.


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I checked with Dell and these are not location specific

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