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Aurora R12, USB BIOS recovery

My Aurora R12 turns on but no video. Doesn't show any video at all, no alienware logo, bios, nor windows. I want to try with a USB recovery for the bios, is there any kind of recovery tool, bootable from USB?

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I am discouraged from announcing that I have connected with the local support service here in Chile. They asked for some parts to replace coming from the USA and I will have to wait for two weeks. Sadly they said they are not sure why this issue started and if it's ever going to happen again. They can not confirm or deny the problem is because of the motherboard, the BIOS, or the CPU. They are replacing the whole motherboard, CPU included.

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If no video at all, it is a no POST issue.  Try clear CMOs settings by following service manual

1. Disconnect the system-board power cable from the system board.
2. Remove the jumper plug from pins 217 and replace it on pins 216 (P216).
3. Wait for 5 seconds.
4. Remove the jumper plug from pins 216 and replace it on pins 217.
5. Connect the system-board power cable to the system board.

PS  usb recovery tool is used to reinstall OS, but not solve a no post issue.  The Dell operating system recovery tool provides an interface to quickly download and create a bootable USB drive to reinstall the operating system.

I read on the internet that the BIOS is recoverable by using a USB drive. There's something like a key combination "Ctrl + ESC" to recover the BIOS which will ask you for a USB tool.

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Should be F12 key, but you need video to see the menu. What video card is in this system?

is a RTX 3070. The motherboard doesn't have an integrated video card, so It doesn't have another HDMI port and I cant get any video from the GPU. Isn't any way to perform the bios recovery without having video?

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Not that I am aware off. Is this the original video card that came with the system?

Yes, that was the video card that came with the PC. The motherboard doesn't have an integrated video card.

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Any flashing error codes on the Alien head? (power button).

No flashing on the alien head. Just a steady light. 

Re:  BIOS is recoverable by using a USB drive. There's something like a key combination "Ctrl + ESC" to recover the BIOS which will ask you for a USB tool.

  • Alienware R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R11 (does not say R12)
  • this is for advanced user only.  unless you know what you are doing this may brick the board


    1. Go to the Dell Support Site.

    2. Enter the service tag or express service code of the affected PC to get drivers specific to how the system shipped.

    3. Click the Drivers and Downloads drawer in the menu.

    4. Ensure you have the correct operating system set.

    5. Select the BIOS drop-down category.

    6. Look for the System Type BIOS Update Driver.

    7. Click the Download button and follow the onscreen instructions to save the update file to a safe location on the working PC.

  1. On the working system, click the Start Menu icon. Navigate to the CommandPrompt/PowerShell application. Right-click on the icon to run the command-line application as an administrator. (You will need administrator rights on the working system for this work properly.)

  2. On your Windows Command-line application, navigate to the location you saved the BIOS update (i.e. cd c:\temp\) and type the following command to extract the recovery file:

    C:\<downloaded BIOS file location>\<downloaded BIOS filename.exe> /writehdrfile /writeromfile

  3. Rename the file from downloaded BIOS filename.hdr to BIOS_IMG.rcv.

  4. Copy the recovery image file BIOS_IMG.rcv to the root directory of a bootable USB key.


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