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Aurora R13, 32GB PNY DDR5 Mako 6000MHz only running at 4400MHz?

Alienware Aurora R13

I swapped out the stock ram that came with my Alienware R13 that ran at 4800MHz with brand new PNY DDR5 Mako 6000MHz 2x16GB sticks. But can't get them to go above 4400MHz. What am I missing? Also I noticed in my bios when going to the performance section it just takes me to a blank page. Is that supposed to happen? Doesn't make sense to me. The ram modules clocks are off too but I can't seem to find where I could adjust that, within the alienware overclocking tool I am only allowed to adjust the power of my GPU, not my 12th gen intel or my DRAM. Though I bought this as a machine that touted being able to upgrade and play with OC a bit?

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The R13 does not have XMP.  The stock RAM max speed is 4400MHz.  The max speed for ANY RAM installed is 4400MHz.  Don't feel bad. 


Before I took out the ram it came with, I swear I had the 4800 MHZ clock. Is that not, correct? I'm going to swap it back in and see because I could have sworn, I saw it say that.

Also am I correct by saying 4400MHZ. When I run CPUID it shows an amount half of that, but I am guessing that is because of it running in dual channel? (or is it quad channel?)

I'm fine with it not reaching 6000 but I bought it expecting to get 4800 which is what I had previously installed and had ram running at. They sold it to me stating ddr5 at 4800 so unless it was in the super fine print that they use the 4800 to sell it but then only run it at 4400 I would think that I should be able to get 4800.


Yeah I saw no XMP and heck in my bios I have a section labeled Performance Options but there is nothing there-just blank space. Not sure why they even have the link in there if it takes you to nothing. Thats a gross misuse of my click!


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Well I guess I remember wrong. Even though I recall it being 4800MHZ and the ram is labeled 4800MHZ when I check the spec sheet it says 4400MHZ. Sadface.


There is no XMP support on the R13. All ram will be running at 4,400 Mhz regardless of the XMP profile on that ram.

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