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Aurora R13, new BIOS, flickers, crashing when playing game

So whenever I play games my screen flickers for a few seconds and then gets unresponsive and then just black screen and I have to pull the power cord. It doesn't even start up. I have to wait about 5 minutes after I plug it back in for it to boot up. Not sure if this is a problem with my graphics card, the new Bios update or what it is?

My temps all seem fine (monitoring with MSI Afterburner). <70 degrees celcius for gpu, <80 degrees for vram, and <80 degrees for CPU. I'm just playing Valorant at 165 FPS and it crashes.

Could this be a power supply issue? Or is it a GPU issue? Or new bios issue? How can I find out exactly what is causing the problem? Because I can't play any games now without crashing after 10 minutes.

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I don't know if this helps, I am running fine with the February bios v1.0.12.  

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A little late to this party, but I've had the same problem with my R13 (12700, 3080, 750W, Cyro-tech cooling).  The issue revolves around the driver crashing in the background and Windows trying to reset it and failing.  Specifically, this is a VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE related crash.

CS had me reinstall drivers and update the BIOS to v1.1.0.  This did not fix the issue.

A second call with CS had me wiping and reinstalling Windows as the CS rep was adamant that it was a corrupt registry.  Did not fix the issue.

A third call to CS resulted in Dell deciding to replace the 3080 and the mobo.  Due to backorder, I've been waiting for almost two months now on parts.  It should be replaced today, although I'm not holding out high hopes based on forum searches for people with related issues.

Out of the three months I've owned this PC, I got two weeks of use out of it.  During testing with the third CS rep, we were unable to get the graphics bench to get past the 50% mark using the AWCC benchmarking app.

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Could it be some voltage issue with the GPU?


Here is a picture I took of HWMonitor right as the flickering was happening and seconds before it crashed:


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Before Dell Technical Support can assist, click the blue DELL-Cares username. Their profile page will appear. On the right click, "Send this user a private message". They will need the private PC Service Tag. If also using a Dell monitor, provide to them the Dell monitor Service Tag.

You said games (plural), then you said just playing Valorant. So which is it?

What monitor model? Reason we are asking is to see if you can limit Valorant to 60FPS, then retest. Then retest at limits of 100FPS, 120FPS, etc.

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Locate your Service Tag or Serial Number


Thanks I think I just sent that now.

And its Valorant, Call of Duty Warzone, even Rocket League. Games that arent too graphically intensive also give the same issue. Its an LG 32 Inch 1440p 165hz monitor.


So I tried to downgrade bios and issue is still happening, a few minutes into playing the system is unresponsive, screen flickers and then just black screen until I pull the power.

Does anything look off in my HWMonitor picture? How could I figure out what is causing this


Okay I think I figured it out. It was an issue with ACC and the thermal profile. I had set it to performance and power on high performance but my fans wouldnt really speed up during games for whatever reason. I made a new thermal profile and set each fan to an offset of 30% and no crashes so far. I tested with 75%, 50% and now even 30% is fine even if it is still kind of loud. Worth it for no crashes lol.


Is there an issue with the regular performance profile in ACC?  Is it fine to keep it at 30% offset for each fan or how else should I change fan settings? Thank you


Nope nevermind, I was wrong. After some more testing both Valorant and Rocket League crash within a couple minutes even though temps are completely fine. Really not sure what else could be the cause now other than PSU. How can I fix this

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I am having the same issue. New BIOS 1.0.12, all drivers are up to date. Playing rdr2, the screen, flickers for a few seconds and then gets unresponsive and then just black screen. 

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I tried the new Bios 

I found my second screen flickered

Top Fan error

Lower performance in Timespy by around 500 points on the GPU so I reverted back.



yup not sure of a solution, any game I try I always get screen flickers then unresponsive and black screen. If you guys come up with anything please let me know

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Hi, I have the exact same issue. PC is 20 days old (was on holiday for 10 days after it was delivered. Been onto dell support for ages troubleshooting but got nowhere.

Under minimum load with benchmark and reasonable temperature getting colour flicker then black screen. PC won't reboot for a while after that. Anyone had some joy with this yet.

I'll be trying to call customer services for a refund tomorrow but as I'm outside 14 days I'm not expecting much.

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