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Aurora R4, Fan speed wouldn't slow down after setting it

So I recently cleaned out my Alienware Aurora R4 cause it was getting slow and was collecting a lot of dust. As I went to boot the PC after cleaning, the fan speeds got faster and faster at an irregular pace and now sound like a loud jet engine for no reason. I looked up and found that I can control it through the AW Command Center but when I did put the fan speed for both the PCI and Hardrive, nothing would change, I even put the speed to 0% and still, nothing changed. Is anyone willing to help me because I'm not looking forward to buying a new computer especially with tuition fees and such that I'm currently paying?

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Re: Aurora R4 Fan Speed wouldn't slow down after setting it

How to Manual Mode Thermal Controls

You can set Auto or Manual Fans, where we might toggle between them to induce an RPM change which would indicate a working system; if Manual (Fixed vs Curve), to test PCI / HDD, set a speed % > click OK > (screen disappears) click APPLY > w/ in 5 seconds you should hear speed change & widget will update w/ new data (RPM & %); toggle between Auto Manual Fixed Manual Curve to test (click OK / Apply etc)

If your Fan RPMs will not respond, try draining residual (flea) power from system > shutdown PC > yank wall cord > depress the top front external Power On/Off button for 30-60 seconds > let rest 60 seconds > plug back in > restart PC > Listen if fans have settled > launch CmndCntr > re-try Manual Fixed to induce speed change (to denote working system etc); if no joy, repeat drain power procedure again from above, but this time, also remove side panel / remove battery tray / gain access to small AlienFx board & yank the 4pin Molex power cable connector (far lower right of board) > depress power on button 30-60 seconds / rest 60 / plug 4pin Molex & wall cord > restart etc & try again Manual Fixed etc

If no joy, shutdown 3rd time > repeat above > restart > Manual Fixed etc > if no joy, launch CmndCntr.exe & click repair & restart after the repair & re-test

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Check CPU for overheating by installing CPU Temp software like HwInfo or Intel XTU or similar; idle CPU temps 25c - 40c normal, over 40c may indicate issue, 80c-100c is a cooling system failure of some sort

Normal Radiator (System = CPU) Fan RPM at idle is 1000RPM or less, over that may be tied to overheating which is why u need to know CPU temp