Aurora R4, parts to 3rd party case, CPU cooler wiring

I am re-purposing parts from Aurora 4 Case and, of course, won't have the upper light board to connect the second connector to (image below). I am thinking I should be able to utilize a motherboard second fan connector or some other 12v supply on the board or even psu- ... the motherboard is an MSI x58 Pro E

I will attach a photo from another post [thank you] about wiring that helped me consider this option.

Thanks in advance for any help~

7pin-color B.jpgI

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Re: Aurora R4, parts to 3rd party case, CPU cooler wiring

So u have some basic aftermarket retail case & an X58 MSI mthrbrd (ATX form factor), & you're moving some R4 parts into it? If all u need is kooler help it's in this post

Aurora R4, move internals to new case

I described the process (w/ pics) of hooking alien-kooler to a system / chassis fan header - or - use a simple molex 4pin-to-unshielded fan adaptor, in that post; so long as the 7pin black kooler connector has room, it can fit over a 3pin fan header for power, &, in Bios or fan software, make sure that fan header outputs at 100%, so kooler can get full 12volts / run at full speed

Top pic, A51 5pin gently forced onto fan header, 3pin fan also shown, Aurora R1-R4 7pin similar / same 

Above, reverse adaptors for 5pin / 7pin-to-3pin fan shown

Note: plugging directly into header (top pic) is fast & free


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Re: Aurora R4, parts to 3rd party case, CPU cooler wiring

Thanks!, Cass-Ole

Yes, I am painfully aware the x58 won't fit. The guy I bought it from still] insists (in the nicest way) that he took an atx board out of it - I tried to explain 'they are all atx' [i.e. micro, mini, full- and it is a technology ...not a 'size' per se- at least that is my understanding so far].

I already had the x58 board and was seeking a case big enough...

So, I am unsure if I will eventually get another board and utilize the case or try and pass Alien on to someone who will really appreciate it and enjoy it for years to come [as it should be].

So, again. thanks for your help. I am retired, live on a small, fixed income - and hated to let the cooler go unused - especially as I was in the process of building a PC for my Fight Sims and invested in the board, i7, etc. I like to keep things 'stock' so they are not overworked, etc. - and, so have no genuine reason for better cooling beyond a stock fan and heat-sink - but I have R4 cooler and do not have a stock cooler for the x58.

I am heading over to read your 'stuff' now...

Thanks very much,


PS - the 'guy' who sold it to me? A great guy - had accepted a small $25 for the A4 - he was kind; I moved to return the kindness and help in a small way with a task ... long story shorter - he immediately ordered a new full size case for me [and we are working out the cost as I was not seeking a 'gift'...  🙂

~ Point? Still lots of good people in the world - trading kindness for kindness (an important point with world headlines as they are) ...