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Aurora R7, Corsair H75, definitive wiring solution?

I have decided to go for the h75 as a replacement AIO

The fitting seems fairly straight forward.

i do have a question however as to the correct wiring connections as there seems to be various conflicting views on these forums

for example here a solution is noted as 


"AIO liquid cooling wiring should be

Upper radiator fan (or Y cable if using two fans) into TOP FAN header

Nothing conected to CPU FAN Header (will not get start up error with this open)

Pump Power (or tach cable if pump powered by SATA) to PUMP header"


but on another post its


"I fixed it. It was indeed the Y splitter that came with the h75. I hooked the top radiator fan to the top fan header and the bottom radiator fan to the cpu header. Then in alienware command center I adjusted the top fan to sync with the cpu sensor. Thanks for your input!"

these 2 solutions seem different to each other. I cant work out whether the second solution used the Y splitter or not and there is no mention of the pump wire and where that should go?

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