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Aurora R7, Windows store, AWCC?

Hello everyone,

I just noticed that there is a "new" version of AWCC (Alienware Command Center) in the Windows Store, which means it is a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app. My Aurora R7 currently uses the older Win32 version of AWCC.  Does anyone know which version should be used on which PC?  Should I uninstall the Win32 version, and install the UWP version?  Thanks!

Rich S.

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Re: Aurora R7, Windows store, AWCC?

This Windows Store version does not list the Aurora R7 under "System Requirements" = Alienware or Dell Gaming Device; Area-51 R5/R6 or higher; Alienware 15 R4 or higher; Alienware 17 R5 or higher


In my opinion, if the latest Aurora R7 Alienware Command Center 4.8 ( for Desktops is fully functioning, I would not install/test the Windows Store version.