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Aurora R7, audio question for any experts

Is it basically rule of thumb to turn off your TV internal speakers if you have external speaker setup?

My setup is R7 with Logitech z506 5.1 works perfect. My PC is connected to my LG 4K 55' TV via HDMI for my monitor. 3840 x 2160

My old PC I was able to connect through Line-In on my Creative sound card and used to be able to use 5.1 and TV internal speakers at the same time watching TV for example.

With the R7 i'm not - not thats its a big deal. I did use the cable provided with the TV to connect to RCA connectors to the Line-In on the back of the R7 and go to the properties of that Line-In device under the recording tab and to the Listen tab and select my TV as the device figuring it would work and 5.1 is set to default under sound / playback default device but no sound from TV... its set also to default at 24 Bits 48000 Hz which from reading is correct.

But after some reading and the TV settings I have read you can use an Optical Audio cable from TV to PC (both ports available on R7 and LG) and you listen both simultaneously.

Should I bother?


PS I couldn't get the other 2 pics to load straight but you get the jist.











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