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Aurora R7, component compatibility

Hi, before I get started, I just want to mention to parts in my pc. It's an Aurora R7, i7-8700, GTX 1080, 2tb storage and 16gb ram.

I have had my Aurora R7 for over a year now and have ran into a few issues over the last year that are too much to be ignored. I am looking to build a computer, reusing some components, but know Dell uses many proprietary parts. What parts are going to be compatible with an ROG Strix z390-e MOBO if it's all in a new case? The things im most concerned about is the AIO, which I don't expect to be compatible, and the CPU because I have heard it may be built to only fit in dells MOBO.

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Re: Aurora R7 component compatibility

Your Intel 8700 will work just fine in any motherboard designed to accept it. Try to choose a MB with a z370 chipset or greater to ensure full compatibility. 

Other things you can scavenge include RAM, GPU, and drives. 

The AIO is based off an Asetek design and is quite common place in the industry. You could even reuse that since the pump and fan headers are standardized..

The only proprietary nonsense in Dell computers are the motherboard, case, BIOS, some power cables, and the LED controls. Everything else is pretty much off the shelf.

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