Aurora R7, enabling XMP profile without OC

Hi folks,

Just curious if it's possible to have OC settings turned off on the aurora r7 but keeping xmp enabled?

Been oc'd on my 8700k since purchase, but thinking about going without to compare the very subtle differences with it and just performance mode without oc. Games such as Battlefront 2 can really spike temps to 80+ which is cringy.

Yes I am watercooled.

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Re: Enabling xmp profile without oc

Hi @PentatonicSteel


80C is fine. You should not have any issues with those. I'm 99% positive that you need OC options enabled to have XMP too. However, you can always try changing the setting in the BIOS to see if you're able to make the PC do the change.


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Re: Enabling xmp profile without oc

At peak during battlefront 2, I have seen it go to 86 (and stay there steady). Most games will run maybe low 70's tops. Battlefront 2 is an example of a game that has less than ideal optimization and can really cook cpu's.

But yeah, I am pretty sure xmp will only work with oc settings on. Just wanted to check if I was over looking something.

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