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Aurora R7, not powering up

My r7 shut down for no reason while gaming and won’t start no up. No lights or anything left on, not even the alien face power button. I thought it might be my psu so I changed it but still won’t start up. I’ve change outlets, power cords, and like I mentioned even the psu. Anybody have this problem and no how to fix it?

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Re: Aurora r7 not powering up

Before your changed your PSU, did you try to reset the CMOS?

Were you overclocked?

A shutdown without subsequent attempt to startup via Windows is bad juju. Usually indicative of a hardware failure. The fact that you already replaced your PSU (correctly, I hope) and the computer still fails to power on, generally means the MB voltage IC or CPU VRM decided to say F this, packed its bags and went to Canada. 

I got nothing else except to say good luck and I hope you figure it out. Personally if I were in your shoes, I'd start by looking for a new motherboard. 

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