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Aurora-R7, replacing PSU with EVGA

I am looking at replacing the Power Supply in my Aurora R7 with an EVGA GQ series. I currently have the default 460W right now. I was looking at the 750W, but the 1000W is the same price right now. Does anyone have experience with the EVGA GQ series in an Aurora R7? I've heard both successes and a few horror stories of fried motherboards due to Dell's proprietary pins on the board.

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Re: Aurora-R7, replacing PSU with EVGA

i would like an answer to this as well. I am now aware that these psu need to have two cpu power slots for gfx_pwr on the mainboard and one for the graphics card. bought a 650 g3 recently that only had one, sad times.

Also another poster on here said that the combined wattage of the psu wouldn't add up 3v and 5v.

my question is, has anyone successfully replaced their 460w with an evga one? and if so which one is it?



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Re: Aurora-R7, replacing PSU with EVGA

This is the most common and recommended power supply replacement for an alienware aurora r6/7


I have the oem 850 and almost replaced with this because I needed a molex power cable, but ended up finding an adapter instead.

The EVGA supply is superior though (quieter and more efficient), but you will have to replace all cables as well (you would have to anyway, even with an oem upgrade as they are modular supplies).

I recommend scrapping the cables that come with the power supply as they are apparently stiff and hard to manipulate in the tight spaces we have in the alienware aurora desktops. 

Use custom cables like these to make it much easier and cleaner, also allowing more air flow.


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Re: Aurora-R7, replacing PSU with EVGA

regarding scrapping the cables. i believe when i tried the 650w the sata power cable didn't fit the hdd drive, it needed a smaller plug. also there was talk about needing a right angle cable. anyone who has replaced their psu could let me know which additional cables need to be bought?

edit: actually i might be confusing the hdd with the optical drive cable which has a smaller plug and i don't really need.

edit2: I've ordered an evga GQ 650w and a sata right angle adapter. I'll let you know how i get on

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Re: Aurora-R7, replacing PSU with EVGA

optical drive on the aurora is a unique connector. There is an adapter you can purchase on amazon for it. Think it's a "mini sata adapter". Connects to your standard sata power with a male end and has a female "mini sata" connector to go to your optical drive.

Right angle sata adapters can be found as well.

I picked up a sata to molex adapter to get my sound card rgb lights to work, and it works great.

Adapters don't have to be a specific to the brand of your psu. So use the cables that come with your power supply (or the custom ordered ones that are compatible), and use  3rd party adapters if and when needed.

Common brands of reliable adapters I have found on amazon are StarTech and Monoprice for example.

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Re: Aurora-R7, replacing PSU with EVGA

oh. my. god.

i was so convinced that my r7 shipped with an 460w psu that i never actually double checked it. I thought since it came with a air cooling, the rest must've been the bare minimum configuration as well. (it was a refurb with 8700 and 1080).

it has the 850w in it omfg. and i actively swapped it with an evga g3 650w, completely ignoring the modular cables and then being upset that the 2nd cpu port is missing. i'll sheepishly cancel my evga gq order now.

learn from my mistakes kids, double check everything.

(hope someone at least gets a laugh out of this)

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Re: Aurora-R7, replacing PSU with EVGA


But to be fair, the wattage isn't written in big fancy bold gaming text on the OEM psu like it is on 3rd party stuff.


If I was you though, and I have already ripped my other one out. I would just install the EVGA anyway as it is still a better psu.

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Re: Aurora-R7, replacing PSU with EVGA

The 460W unit has 142W on the 3.3v/5v rails.  The EVGA G series only has 120W on these rails.  Dell 875W units have this go up to 225W combined on those rails.  The 3.3v /5v combined rails are used to power video cards on the PCI-E bus.  Power supplies are not a single rail of 12v and a single spec of watts.

3.3v and 5v are important.

Recommended Upgrade for Every Dell I own is EVGA 750B1 (110-B1-0750-VR)

not B2 not BQ not G1 not G2.



The 700B1 also has 150W combined on those rails but not B2 NOT BQ etc.



There is a reason that the BQ B2 etc is cheaper and its not a good one.


 DELL460.jpgDell 460W


DELL875.jpgDell 875W

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Re: Aurora-R7, replacing PSU with EVGA

So this power supply you're recommending (https://amzn.to/2QjX7fA), would be a suitable replacement for the stock 460w psu that came in my Aurora R7? It's an early 2018 model. Will the psu fit and work correctly with the cables that come with it, or will I need to buy extra cables as well? I really appreciate your posts.

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Re: Aurora-R7, replacing PSU with EVGA

Very informative post and a great take on the EVGA PSUs. Just curious as to what you think about the EVGA 850W on the link below.


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