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Aurora-R7, video card upgrade options


I just bought an Alienware Aurora R7 with the low-end video card, intending to replace it with a video card I already had from the Graphics Amplifier.  That GA is now useless since it doesn't connect to anything else in the universe except a now-dead Alienware laptop (/bonk self for that purchase!).

Anyway, the card I was going to use is the EVGA version of an "Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 11GB etc."  But it is too long for the case.  It burns my brain when I think on the fact that yet another piece of barely-used hardware is going to be wasted, but c'est la vie.

I chatted online with a Dell rep yesterday evening to discuss getting a version of that card that would fit in the case, since that make/model of card was (and still is!!)  an option when customizing the same exact R7 I just  bought.  She claims Dell is out of stock.  I asked for other options and got an excuse about her back-end server connections lagging.  She promised to email the choices.  18 hours later and still no email from Dell. 

So, long story not quite as long, I need options for video cards that can meet the performance of the 1080 Ti, options that will fit in the latest Aurora R7 chassis, and that can be purchased directly from Dell.  The new machine was purchased with the upgraded power supply and liquid cooling since I knew the 1080 would be hot and a big power consumer.  Therefore, a card like it, or a dual card setup, should be supported. 

In terms of card maker, that doesn't matter as much as performance.  I know the 1080 Ti is out of stock a lot for a good reason: it's a great card.  But I cannot use this bloody machine for its intended purpose - gaming - unless the video performance is up to snuff.  The cost of shipping and restocking fees make it nonsensical to return the machine.

Could someone please provide some guidance on this?  While there are a lot of options out there, not all of them will work for an Aurora R7 - obviously. And none of them show up when searching the Dell website for video cards per se.  (I don't need a card for doing CAD, for cryin' out loud, silly website!)

Thanks for your patience in reading my verbose request! 


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Re: Aurora R7 Video Card Upgrade Options

Don't buy the ones from Dell, they are more expensive and lessor than actual branded ones.

Typically and "blower style" (single fan intake exhausting out the back of the case) will fit *just barely*.

I use a MSI Vega 64 OC in my system and I love it.

GTX 1080ti will also fit as long as it fits the same parameters.


Of note though, my card is literally about |-------| that far from the front case fan lol.

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Re: Aurora R7 Video Card Upgrade Options

Why does it have to be from Dell? Dell doesn't make video cards. Just buy a card you like and that fits from any trusted retailer. You can even find an OEM card from retailers. The card manufacturers' sites will have all the specs so you can judge if it can be used on your computer. 

You might be interested in this article explaining the shortages-- 




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Re: Aurora R7 Video Card Upgrade Options

I am running two Asus gtx 1070, the card one step down from gtx 1070, in sli mode.  Only drawback is I had to remove the two 2.5 in disk bays else the lower card would not fit.

I have seen r7 advertised with 1080 so there must be one that fits. 

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Re: Aurora R7 Video Card Upgrade Options