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2 Jasper

Aurora R8, AWCC buggy

Your latest Alienware Command Center is buggy. It automatically updated via the Microsoft Store, when I opened your app it downloaded some things and installed them. Restarted my computer it says again additional components required. I click download it goes to a box saying the same thing but the only way to close is to click and isn't downloading anything. When I close that it shows an update available in the top right in green, I click that shows the same box. I download your file on your website for the latest Alienware cc and that will not do anything. It just shows a white box that locks up and the only way to close that is task manager. 

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The installation of the AWCC works fine.

The new version even identfied the issue I had with Fusion. Due to Hyper-V being installed it did not work before. Also solved.

Thanks & have a nice weekend!


Update-Issue Resolved after  installation of the AWCC

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