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Aurora R8, No settings, no search, no recovery options

A few days ago, I started getting a server error and yesterday found when I started settings the screen would come up briefly and then disappear.  I only use the computer for gaming through steam so it is not a big deal to restore the factory image.

I can't get to any restore options.  I also found when I go into command prompt, my profile isn't considered and admin so I can't run some of the diagnostics or repairs.

Do I have to sign up for Dell service and can they even help me remotely?

Durgen with the Aurora R8.

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If you press F12 during boot, you should be able to access support assist, from there you can restore to factory default.

Be aware this would delete all saved data.


You can also use this: OS Recovery 


Just make sure to backup all your data and settings before proceeding.

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Follow up....just downloaded a fresh copy of Support Assist.  Icon was there during setup and then disappeared...?

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