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Re: Aurora R8, Nvidia Control Panel

NEWER WHQL drivers were released feb 22 2019.




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Re: Aurora-R8, Nvidia Control Panel

@Jamemamone wrote:

I apologize for the delay, I am finally ready to give it a shot.

I didn't have DDU in my computer, and was (And still am) looking for the best/safest place to download it.

From what I found, it is Wagnardsoft the website to do it from? They made it?

Also, if so, any specific version should I get? Or just the latest one.

Also, I only get that " driver cannot be installed on this system due to incompatibility" error when I install the "Standard" mode of the driver, but when I install the "DCH" version it doesn't give me a error and it lets me install it (I'm talking about in general, I have not tried what you suggested first in safe mode) And how I came to discover this is because when I was on the phone with Nvidia tech support earlier in the week, they told me to try that one, i have no idea what the differences are between dch and standard.  But this makes me ask:

I am planning on doing what you said with DDU installer in safe mode, then installing in safe mode the latest version of driver for my 2080 ti graphics card , which is 419.17.  But should I try it with the Standard or DCH version?

One more thing (For now) Smiley Happy

In your last post, did you mean that the Drivers you install from the Geforce Experience itself took up more ram? Or just  manually downloading them from the site? (Assuming from the Gefore Experience but I just was curious) Not that I have a option to do that now anyway once I'm in safe mode.

Thanks again for all of your help amstel78

1. DDU should be downloaded from one of the mirror sites Wagnardsoft lists in their download page.

2. Just get the latest version.

3. DCH driver is usually tweaked for OEM builders such as Dell.  The original drivers installed by Dell are most likely variations of Nvidia's DCH package.  Using DDU to remove all previous driver traces including registry entries allows the consumer to install the non-DCH Nvidia driver pack.

4. It's up to you, but I would suggest using the standard non-DCH driver pack.

5. There was something with the GeForce Experience application and perhaps the Experience video drivers as well that were using more phsyical RAM than the standalone drivers and no Experience app installed.  That's what I meant.

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Re: Aurora-R8, Nvidia Control Panel

It worked!  Thank you so much Amstel78 for all of your time and help, wow, what a relief.

I also want to take this time to thanks Tesla1856 for taking the time to try to help me as well.

I started having this totally different problem a few days ago, was planning on starting a new thread for it, but I'll just /toss it out there now since I have you guys attention.

It has to do with the Ailenware Command Center

I can't mess around with any of the overclock settings in "Fusion" anymore and

Everytime I open it, I get a error message saying:

"Predefined Profiles Missing" - The App failed to load the predefined profiles, please connect to the internet (Which I am) and click on the download button in Fusion View"

Which I do, but all that does is cases the same error message to pop up again.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys

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Re: Aurora-R8, Nvidia Control Panel

Try repairing it under Applications and Programs in Windows. If it doesn't work, try reinstalling the program again. Sounds like something got corrupted.

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Re: Aurora-R8, Nvidia Control Panel

Yeah that didn't work, I decided to uninstall the command center, I followed these instructions:


What is the best place to get the latest version for a Auora R8?

I went to https://www.dell.com/support/home?app=drivers  as suggested at the bottom of that uninstall thread, and when I do search for drivers, none say "Ailenware Command Center" I also did a search and nothing came up.

Or is it under a different name?

Thank you


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Re: Aurora-R8, Nvidia Control Panel

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Re: Aurora-R8, Nvidia Control Panel

@Jamemamone wrote:


What is the best place to get the latest version for a Auora R8?


Everything is here:


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