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Aurora R9, Minecraft runs at 200 frames only

I got the Alienware Aurora R9 and Minecraft and easy to play game only runs at 200-250 frames. The fans also start screaming while this happens.

Intel Core i7-9700
16GB memory
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super
1TB HDD + 512 SSD

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Re: Aurora R9, Minecraft runs at 200 frames only

Try Remove the game from the Alienware Command Center and the fan speed will reset to normal during gaming.  

The reason your fan is loud because when you create a game profile in the ACC, system will run performance based on the settings optimal, max.

usually case the fan will spin 100% instead of 40% which will to cool down the CPU/GPU to reduce the heat issues during heavy gaming.

let me know if i answered your question.

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