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Cleaning tip for Alienware Aurora's

Dear community,

I have a tip for cleaning your Alienware case outside panels.

Take a industrial Alcohol Propanol from at least 70%, make sure you have a can with a sprayer and mix 100ml Propanol with 150ml water, spray 8x = 0,25ml on a clean and soft cloth and gently wipe all panels.

I have a white R 13 and it looks amazing after 3 months, so bright!


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Thats because its part from the chassis and durability when you open and close a side panel a tenthousand time:-)


Likely an existing frame. This way they only need to design the outside plastic shell and you have what looks like a newly designed case from the outside.

This however poses a few issues, especially with the radiator fan as that is linked up with a smaller metal fan guard, impeding exit air flow.


Yes i know that and i'm not going to argue a specialist, thatswhy you mix with water.

I can take some picture's next time i'm cleaning again with Propanol and post them so that you can see its save.

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Yeah, hopefully in the future of Alienware if they design a totally new case with better AIR FLOW thats able to handle the best and most powerful CPU hardware I will continue to purchase another Alienware machine. But yeah the internal case not the external. I must admit the R13 is awesome looking and I was excited until all the beans hit the floor about the 12900KF, that was shocking to hear. 


The crazing of acrylic by isopropryl alcohol is not an immediate event, but a process over time as the polymer chain structure weakens, eventually resulting in surface cracks.

As a note; we have not yet had any confirmation that the clear side panel is made from acrylic.


Oke, maybe i was a little premature about the isopropyl alcohol, but its definitily that propanol not affect even without water, i work as a CNC Engineer and we have a Datron M8 Cube, this machine is cooled with pure propanol and the main door at front your working area have a big window made of acrylic, and running now for a couple of years and the window is just like new. However, the guys i talked with say about isopropyl '' think so, gues it does'' , so forgive me for that. 



Gamers nexus Steve seems to think that the metal grill skeleton dates back 20 years in Dell chassis design and is probably due to EMF certification reason, that it is cheaper or less a hassle for Dell to continue to use the same metal chassis design while designing ostensibly new plastic shell skin wrapping around the same metal skeleton to lure consumers into buying.  


I wonder if '' Gamers nexus Steve '' use a Alienware Aurora and beside of that, it's his point of view. However, i was lucky to have a Aurora back 11 years ago with a GTX 590 and i have a R 13 now from March 2022, if you compare those 2 chassis its very clear that it has modifications from 11 years ago and now, so how he could say the chassis is dates back 20 years in Dell chassis design?

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This chassis was also a little different. Keep in mind that mumbling Steve's primary sponsor is Corsair, and he loves to trash talk anything else.





Dell makes many PC's. I think he is saying that it looks like they took a Dell chassis from many years ago rather than design a new one for the Alienware R13/R14.

If you look at the chassis and compare it to retail cases, you will notice it's age and it looks very industrial as opposed to modern and geared towards cooling, ease of use, etc...

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