Command Center Issues + Dell's Lack of Finesse

Hi, Since I installed a Mid Fan, AWCC 'Manual Control' stopped working for the Top Fan. Only the PCIe Fan can be manually controlled now. The Top Fan Header seems functional (can control via HWiNFO). Any ideas?

System: Area 51 R2 - AWCC: v4.8.25.0

Things I've tried: clean uninstall/reinstall AWCC, unplug mid fan, unplug/replug top fan, power drain (hold power button for 30+ sec), reset BIOS to default

Dell's Lack of AWCC Finesse

  • No Manual CPU Fan Control (except R4)
  • No Manual Mid Fan Control (all models)
  • New AWCC updates not available to recent models (customer lock out for no apparent reason)

I joined the Alienware family for the supposed extra finesse of a well rounded eco-system, alas, I have been extremely disappointed on the software side.

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Re: Command Center Issues + Dell's Lack of Finesse

Hi @jk4dell,

Additional 3rd party hardware cannot be officially supported. We understand your concern in terms of the development of the software, but with the amount of 3rd party upgrades that can be made and the variety of hardware out there, it becomes very difficult to englobe all possibilities in a software. Dell's got this site:


In which you can submit your ideas about possible solutions or new developments that can be made on current or newer systems. I believe that's the best way to communicate your concern to the developers of the Alienware Command Center software.

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Re: Command Center Issues + Dell's Lack of Finesse

Have you searched the forum?

I could be mistaken, but I thought a couple of Area51-R2 users successfully added another fan to the front. Not sure what motherboard fan header they used, if they used add-on controller, or maybe just let it run on low/medium always. All that should be in their posts.

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