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HOW TO: Alienware Aurora R7 WiFi Upgrade (w/Intel AC-9260 and Speed/BT tests)

Documented the upgrade of my Aurora R7 from the Killer AC-1535 to Intel's AC-9260. Primary use case was NOT for WiFi (since I rely on Ethernet) but rather to take advantage of BT 5.0 (to use with my true wireless earphones) since all specs on the Killer was that it was 4.2 (even 4.1 on the card's page).

However I found out after I had already purchased the 9260 that the Killer does in fact have BT 5.0 by verifying the LMP version (9.xxxx):



Here's the walk-through including details on resolving some BT issues (missing profiles and low volume etc. - TOC embedded in timeline):


Also covered in the vid, my very unscientific WiFi speed test results:


And my equally unscientific Bluetooth distance test (steps taken away from R7 before signal cuts out):

1535: same floor = 31 / down to 1st floor (including stairs) = 44

9260: same floor = 28 / down to 1st floor (including stairs) = 43


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