R2 X51 not as fast on startup as it was after full reinstallation


first of all thank you for this forum.

hoping you can enlighten me and bring a solution to my worries.

let me explain:

I have a X51 R2 since late 2014, I remember it was very fast startup to display the desktop, (about 10 seconds of memory).

I did 1 year after a complete reinstallation, with:
- delete partitions, until you have more than one disk,
- creation of three partitions,
- install windows 8 on one of three, (system download microsft.com)
- until then everything is fine,
- installs updates,
- peripheral drivers,
all is ok.

not a missing driver in the device manager.

But what I do not understand is that since I reinstalled several times, and I have not managed to reproduce this speed at startup as when I had at the beginning, before I reinstall even for the first time,

so I wonder if there is a particular configuration to reproduce this speed?

Thanks a lot for your help

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Re: R2 X51 not as fast on startup as it was after full reinstallation

Hi @kindermuhaaa,

Enter the BIOS and make sure the installation was NOT done in LEGACY MODE. 

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