Hi Everyone,

I currently own all three revisions of the X51 R series and would like to give you a detailed part list I custom made.


X51 R1


CPU:Core i7-3770K @3.7Ghz

GPU:GTX 980 8Gb Blower Edition

PSU:DELL 330W 16.9A 

16Gb of DDR3 @1600Mhz

Blu-ray Drive instead of DVD-RW

1Tb SSD SATA 2.5


X51 R2

CPU:Core i7-4790K @4.1Ghz

GPU:GTX 1650 4Gb OC version single fan

PSU:DELL 330W 16.9A 

RAM:16Gb of DDR3 @1600Mhz

Blu-ray drive AGAIN to replace DVD-RW

1Tb 2.5 inch HDD @7200RPM

500Gb 2.5 inch SSD


X51 R3

CPU:Core i7-6700K @4.2Ghz

GPU:GTX 1660 Super 6Gb single fan

PSU:DELL 330W 16.9A

RAM:32Gb of DDR4 @2400Mhz

Blu-ray to replace AGAIN the DVD-RW drive

1Tb 2.5 inch HDD

500Gb 2.5 inch SSD


This was a max Custom config that I did to these small form factor machines.

Alienware 18 R1 4940MX 4.6GHz, RTX 2080, 32GB DDR3
Alienware 17 R5 i9-8950HK 4.5GHz, GTX 1080 OC, 32GB DDR4 2666MHz
Alienware 15 R1 4710HQ 4.1GHz, GTX 980M, 16GB DDR3
M18x R2 3930MX 4.1GHz, SLI GTX 980M, 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
M17x R5 Core i7-4700MQ 3.7GHz, GTX 980M, 32GB DDR3 1600MHz
My YouTube channel = Area 51 A L X

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