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2015 Alienware 15 Windows 10 Nvidia Issues


Alienware 15 (first gen)

980m and 980Ti in the amplifier

Nvidia Driver Version : 355.98 (9/22 for Windows 10 64bit)

After upgrading to Windows 10 through both clean install and the normal upgrade (tried a few times), i've encountered issues with the nvidia drivers. I cannot install the driver in non-safe mode and attempting to do so will crash the computer around halfway through the installation. Installing in safe mode works well but lacks some of the features in the selection list for the driver. Connecting and disconnecting from the Alienware Graphics Amp appears to work correctly but the laptop will do a cycle of BSODs before it will boot succesfully when going from the amp to the mobile graphics. This causes issues with programs like battle.net where it forces a reinstall of the app (Not sure if this is battle.net related or windows related). For now, i've gone back to 8.1 and I am having no issues. Just a heads up for those upgrading to maybe hold off for a bit.

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RE: 2015 Alienware 15 Windows 10 Nvidia Issues

I've read where Nvidia has had some issues with their drivers and Windows 10 but that was a couple of weeks ago.  Sounds like it continues.  Windows 10 seems to be having a lot of problems out of the gate from what I've read.  Kinda sad

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