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760 1.5GB vs 670 2GB on X51 R2

I'm looking into purchasing a new X51 R2. The only trouble is, I don't know much about the graphics cards offered. Does anyone have experience with both cards? how do they handle games? I'm not really needing cutting edge performance, just really solid on a large gamut of games. Is the 670 worth the 200 dollar upgrade? Would that be better spent on memory or an ssd drive? Thanks in advance.

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RE: 760 1.5GB vs 670 2GB on X51 R2

Hi PhoenixRisen,

Both GTX 760 and GTX 670 are one of the best cards you may go for. However, GTX 760 should perform a bit faster than the latter. A 670 will have better Texel rate (hyperlink) than the other. If using a high resolution is important, then the GeForce GTX 760 is slightly superior to the GeForce GTX 670. In addition, depending on your budget if you can add SSD driver that will surely add up to the system performance.

If you have any other question do reply to the same thread.

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