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980M 8GB card shows 4GB dedicated video memory. What does this mean?

I've tried to Google this but not finding out much so hope you can help.

Just got my Alienare 17 laptop with the Nvidia 980M 8gb card. When I checked the nvidia control panel at first I thought I had been given the 4GB version of the card since it said 4gb of dedicated video memory, but double checked and it is the 8gb card.

So why is only half of it used as dedicated video memory? What is the other half doing? Can it/should it be changed?

Please explain to a noob.

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RE: 980M 8GB card shows 4GB dedicated video memory. What does this mean?

You likely got the wrong laptop as others are in the same boat as you are. I would contact Alienware support to get the issue resolved.

Half of the VRAM doesn't magically disappear. If some other other software shows 8 GB of dedicated VRAM, then you shouldn't worry. But if everything says 4 GB of VRAM on the GTX 980m, then do as I advised earlier.

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RE: 980M 8GB card shows 4GB dedicated video memory. What does this mean?


It should show 8GB as the dedicated video memory. There have been some reports about users receiving the 980M 4GB instead of the 980M 8GB by mistake. Are you certain that your order shows you purchased a 980M 8GB?

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RE: 980M 8GB card shows 4GB dedicated video memory. What does this mean?


I received my AW 17 with the same issue, but I contacted dell support and they offered me a £120 refund which I refused, I asked could  I receive a alienware amplifier instead they agreed and it will be with me today Smiley Happy

according to support there is a issue with the builds and they couldn't get me a date when they will be receiving any 8GB cards in.

so customer services will offer you one of two things, full refund or compensation of £120! I would do what I did and request a amplifier !!

best of both worlds then ! desktop power and mobile power, the 980m 4GB is still a very powerful card.

all the best

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