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A letter to dell support

I wrote you this email because I am really disappointed with the way you guy treat your customer. Alienware is a name brand and we customer spent a tons of money on your product. We  customer expected to be treat with some dignity. I have been trying to buy a recover stick for my computer for the past weeek. I called and call and all i got is shuffle around from one department to another. Then I reach you, you told me that I can get my win 8 usb stick for 19.99 plus tax, only thing i need to do is call back to make the other. I just called today after get throwing around one department from another, you guy finnally let me purchase the *** stick for $40 and it is not even win 8 which I originally had but win 7. When i demanded for the win 8 the guy from sale department said you guy no longer have the win 8 in stock. And if I insisted  on getting my win 8, the stick wont arrive for a month ( seriously) how hard it is to copy and paste and make more recover stick.

I am tired of this treatment, I try to be patient and understanding but you guy won't give me the same.  

I don't think I ever will patraon your product again

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RE: A letter to dell support


I am sorry to hear about that inconvenience. Perhaps you should contact Microsoft and confirm if they have them available for sale.

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RE: A letter to dell support

All you had to do is Google "Windows 8 Download" and you would have avoided all the ill will. Any USB you get from Alienware, or any other OEM, will be a bone stock version of Windows. The one you'll download from Microsoft will be the latest with all the updates cooked in. And it's free!


You're Welcome!

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