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ALIENWARE 17 Games Can't Detect Dedicated Graphics Card

Hello all,
I've seen multiple posts about this issue while surfing the web. While configuring the settings for a few games that I own (Dragon Age is the culprit here), I noticed that the Dragon Age configuration utility fails to detect my dedicated GeForce GTX 770M and instead, uses the integrated Intel card. Doing some research, I found out that this is a problem with the Optimus technology. I've tried to force DAO to play with my 770 using the NVIDIA Control Panel, no luck there. I've also updated my drivers to the latest version. I contacted NVIDIA support, they were unable to help, see logs below:

I know this is probably an issue that NVIDIA should resolve but I know many gamers have had problems with the integrated card being the only one showing for certain games. As I've heard, other companies like Lenovo have released updates pertaining to the BIOS which allow users to completely disable the integrated card when gaming, thus forcing a game like DAO to recognize only the dedicated card. Has Dell done such a thing? Or am I missing something simple here? I won't try anything with the BIOS until I know for sure it won't permanently mess up my PC. Hoping Dell can release something to solve this problem.

NVIDIA Chat Log:

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Date Created:  08/26/2013 06:45 AM
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 Chat Transcript 08/26/2013 06:45 AM
[05:48:22 AM] Hi, my name is Rashid. How may I help you?
[05:50:12 AM] Chelsea Lee: Hello Rashid. I currently have a GeForce GTX 770M on my Alienware laptop. This question is in regards to the Optimus technology. While running the game Dragon Age Origins, the config utility fails to detect the dedicated card and instead, selects the integrated card. Do you have a fix for this?
[05:50:49 AM] Chelsea Lee: I have also tried to force the game's config utility to use the 770 card though the NVIDIA control panel, but this does not work.
[05:51:24 AM] Rashid: Is the issue specific to that game?
[05:51:54 AM] Chelsea Lee: No, to a few older games as well but this game in particular is my primary concern right now, as it is not a very old game and should pick up the card.
[05:53:26 AM] Rashid: What is the operating system and driver version installed?
[05:53:31 AM] Chelsea Lee: I have also looked up what others have said online and many said that unless NVIDIA has resolved this issue with updated drivers, it remains a problem. However, I have been unable to install latest driver version 320.49 anyways.
[05:53:48 AM] Chelsea Lee: Operating system is windows 8 64 bit. driver version is 311.48
[05:53:51 AM] Rashid: Please download and install the driver from the link below: http://www.nvidia.com/object/notebook-win8-win7-64bit-326.80-beta-driver.html Click Ok for the extraction folder path and accept the license agreement. Select Custom (Advanced) from the two options available there and press Next. Check the Option that says “Perform clean installation” and press Next.
[05:55:00 AM] Chelsea Lee: Okay. I am downloading right now.
[05:55:08 AM] Rashid: Alright.
[06:01:26 AM] Chelsea Lee: Out of curiosity, have you encountered this problem frequently before?
[06:02:21 AM] Rashid: Users haven't reported such issues yet.
[06:02:51 AM] Chelsea Lee: Okay. Thank you for your response.
[06:04:08 AM] Rashid: My pleasure.
[06:13:34 AM] Chelsea Lee: Installing now
[06:14:24 AM] Rashid: OK
[06:17:36 AM] Chelsea Lee: It says installer failed
[06:18:57 AM] Rashid: Could you try installing the driver in Safe mode once and check?
[06:19:49 AM] Chelsea Lee: Sure, but would I have to disconnect from our chat? Also, it says failed on phys x system software and nvidia geforce experience, but installed on hd audio driver, graphics driver, and 3d vision driver
[06:20:32 AM] Rashid: Those components should be fine. You can now restart the system and check if the game run on NVIDIA GPU or not.
[06:21:15 AM] Chelsea Lee: Okay, and if it doesn't work, get back on chat? It won't auto reconnect when I restart correct?
[06:21:50 AM] Rashid: It wouldn't. You can initiate the session once again.
[06:22:11 AM] Chelsea Lee: Okay, thank you. I hope it works. I'll be back on if it doesn't.
[06:22:33 AM] Rashid: Sure.
[06:25:07 AM] 'Chelsea Lee' is currently 'Absent'. Approximately 120 seconds until disconnect.
[06:26:16 AM] 'Chelsea Lee' is currently 'Active'.
[06:26:26 AM] Chelsea Lee: Hello again Rashid, it did not work.
[06:28:53 AM] Rashid: Try the steps below and check. Click on the link below & download the free tool: http://downloads.guru3d.com/NVIDIA-Inspector-1.94-download-2612.html After downloading & installing this tool, click on the "Configuration icon" as shown in the picture below: http://img808.imageshack.us/img808/8738/nvidia20120621071903.png You will now see a list of editable options. In the top profiles tab select the game "Dragon Age : Origins" & scroll down to find the option "Enable application for optimus" Here you may try different options & particularly try "SHIM_RENDERING_MODE_ENABLE" Apply the settings & check if you are able to play the game from the NVIDIA card/NVIDIA control panel.
[06:34:40 AM] Chelsea Lee: Still shows integrated card on DAO config utility
[06:37:18 AM] Rashid: If the issue is still happening, then I would recommend you to kindly file a bug report by visiting the below mentioned link to help us analyze the issue. http://nvidia-submit.custhelp.com/app/answers/list (this will be reviewed by our driver developer) They will try coming up with a fix in future drivers.
[06:38:10 AM] Chelsea Lee: Unfortunate. Okay, I will do so. Thank you for your help Rashid. It was worth a try.
[06:39:44 AM] Rashid: My pleasure.
[06:43:16 AM] 'Chelsea Lee' is currently 'Absent'. Approximately 120 seconds until disconnect.
[06:45:18 AM] 'Chelsea Lee' is currently 'Disconnected'.
[06:45:18 AM] 'Chelsea Lee' disconnected ('Participant Left').


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RE: ALIENWARE 17 Games Can't Detect Dedicated Graphics Card

Hi Chelsea,

Do you have the same problem with different games or just this one game? 

There's a good way to perform a clean installation of the video card driver, checkout this article for a step by step guide. Also, checkout this other article for the correct use of the Optimus technology. You can use the [FN] + [F5] to disable the integrated card and force any game to be loaded by the discrete video card.

Let me know how it goes.

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