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I have an Alienware 18 Laptop that has started to show issues with it's display. It has been showing red lines going down the screen and I'm not sure if the screen has the issue or if the connection is loose. The display does work perfectly on an external monitor.

I tried to get support from Dell Australia who advised this model is no longer available in Australia and they don't support it. They also could not help in recommending a technician/service center I could take it to.

So, it looks like I will have to order the screen form the U.S. and fit it myself. Which mind you, I am very disappointed in considering the cost of these computers (I doubt I will buy another either if the support is this lackluster, but I digress - End of Rant).

Has anybody else experienced this issue, and if so, how did you fix it? If you fixed it personally how hard was it to fix (I don't want to destroy it, I just want it to work as designed).

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